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We are a family company from Poland with many years of tradition. We strive to offer our clients the highest quality of service. We can offer cooperation throughout the UK. We provide the following services from our well-equipped workshop.

  • Detail CAD, SketchUP PRO, KDMAX design &specification
    Bathroom cabinetry
    Wardrobes & bedroom furniture
    Commercial and offices furniture
    Free standing furniture
    Onsite installation
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Our Mission

We won’t tell you what not to buy, but what we can do is tell you how we build our furniture compared to our competitors. All our cabinet makers are traditionally bench trained and have hundreds of years of experience between them. But what makes our company so different? In short, the quality and our ethos! 

At the W.Kitchens, we supply kitchens direct. Which means you get handmade kitchens direct from the manufacturer at a great price. We take pride in the furniture we build, and for us it has to be the very best we can make. We have been designing and building kitchen furniture for more than 15 years and we believe the way we do things gives our customers the most practical, beautiful and hardwearing furniture possible.